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Q. What is MaxGXL?

MaxGXL is a Patented Nutritional Supplement formulated to promote and enhance the body's production and use of its most important antioxidant, Intercellular Glutathione (GSH).. Increased levels of GSH strengthen your immune system, increase your energy level, and enhance the body's fight against aging and the diseases of the aging. Increased levels of GSH also result in a faster recovery from strenuous exercise regimens, as well as environmental toxins and emotional stress.

Q. Why is MaxGXL in a pill form and not a drink or gel?

Drinks and jells usually require the use of chemical preservatives. Dr. Keller did not want to include chemical preservatives in his formulation. Capsules provide the most efficient and effective way to deliver his formula without the use of preservatives. MaxGXL's unique packaging is perfect for today's hectic lifestyle.

Q. When will I feel results with MaxGXL?

A. MaxGXL produces a higher, more stable level of energy that you will likely feel the first day you use it. More important, as your glutathione (GSH) level increases over time, you will begin to experience the most important benefits of higher levels of GSH. Your enhanced immune system will make you less susceptible to illness and the affects and the multiple diseases of aging. You will also experience a higher level of alertness and experience a more rapid recovery from strenuous exercise with shorter periods of soreness.

Q. I've seen inexpensive "GSH" capsules in health food stores... will they achieve similar results?

Absolutely not! Ingesting glutathione (GSH) does NOT raise your body's level of intercellular GSH. Ingested GSH is not absorbed into your bloodstream or into your cells. Your digestive system breaks it into three proteins, that on their own, can not be absorbed, and are simply eliminated through your kidneys. Even worse, when pure GSH is digested by your stomach, new free-radicals are created that your immune system must then deal with.

Q. Why did Max International choose network marketing to distribute MaxGXL?

Because of the power of people sharing with other people. At Max we believe the best way to distribute MaxGXL is by using a person to person method rather than having our product sitting on a retail shelf in a pharmacy. MaxGXL is more exciting than that! The story needs to be told first hand, and network marketing is the perfect platform because it benefits every person involved.

Q. How can I become a Max International Associate?

The easiest way to become a member of Max International is by simply clicking the "Contact US" tab at the top of the home page of this site. We will contact you to answer your questions and go through the steps for signing up with Max International. As your sponsor will begin working closely with you to help you build your organization, and that's when the real fun begins!

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